Traveler's Guide to Rubylak

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After four days on the demon-driven sand barge, each coven went their seperate ways on small skiffs, propelled by essence sails. From there, another day of sailing followed, until they had reached a desolate battlefield. A short ride by yeddim later, and they found themselves entering the capital of Linowa.
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Rubylack, the capitol of the Linowan State as told to you by Maeve, looms before you. The Rust Tyrant’s base of operations straddles the massive Silver River, a massive bridge and naval base seperating the two halves of her capitol. Upon one side, the city is more tribal, befitting it’s origins while the other is more advanced, resembling a city such as Lookshy. Magitech towers dart the landscape of the city, keeping watch over the populace as well as their proper job of looking out for incoming travelers or enemies.
And yet an unmistakable touch of rust seems to cover anything relaitvely metallic in the city. Small patches, relatively meangingless, but a sign of the despotic ruler of Linowa nonetheless.

  • Maeve speaks up dispassionately after a moment as the group approaches, her cape swaying slightly in the breeze as flecks of rust fall past her as per the norm by now. "Welcome to Rubylack. "
  • Shu Lin looks over the city, somewhat disapproving at the clear divide of people set not only by the river, but by their architecture and culture. It was apparent at a glance, which made it all the more concerning. “I suppose we’ll be in your care, then, while we’re here. Should we keep anything metal stored away?”
  • Maeve begins to speak again, “Anything composed of a special material will not rust. Normally.” She cocks her head to the side for a moment before shaking her head. “The part they are approaching now is the traditional Rubylack before my industrial revolution began to take shape. On the other side of the Silver River is my advanced portion of the city. I find it keeps the people content to have the choice of which to reside in. The older generation prefers the traditional to the younger’s desire for new.”
  • Thaddeus meanwhile is looking back and forth between the divided tribal area and the more advanced district but his eyes are drawn to the huge towers, having never seen such a sight on Creation itself quite to this scale. “Aye, aye. Are those a common thing round these ways?” He pointed and pulled his thick cloak tighter around, it pleasantly still and unyielding against the breeze thanks to it’s weight.

Shu Lin:
“It’s a good thing I didn’t replace the strings on my instrument with metal ones, then. I don’t think I’d be able to get good-quality strings out of special metals any time soon.”

  • Maeve chuckles a bit. “No. I intend to drag Linowa kicking and screaming into the modern era.”
    A Linowan ran up to the group quickly. She bowed curtly and began speaking.

Your Rusted Majesty! I came as quickly as I had learned of your return!

Already this year, there are weighty matters which require your attention!

  • Maeve ceases talking to Thaddeus and looks intently at the Linowan girl. “Very good.” She then looks back to the group. “Feel free to look around or follow me to the palace. I have matters to take care of.” She then looks back at the girl and nods before starting to walk off. “Give them a tour as they desire.” With that last command, she moves deeper into the city away from the group.
  • Shu Lin waits for Maeve to walk away, since she’s apparently taking care of important city business. “Well, I guess we should see what we’ve got to work with.”

Might be a good idea. Do we wanna go to the big side first?

  • Thaddeus gestured loosely at the modern district, looking for the words.
  • Shu Lin hummed with thought, looking at Lolat, then Thaddeus, then to the guide. “Might we have our guide’s name, before we go through the city?”
  • Linowan startles for a moment before bowing again, “Ah, my apologies! I am called Yareko. Please, forgive my manners!”
  • Shu Lin waves a hand dismissively. “It’s fine, it’s fine. You were busy attending to your mistress, so that’s where your focus would be. I’m Shu Lin, to my left is Lolat, and to my right is Thaddeus. We’re… your mistress’s coworkers, lacking a better term. So we need to know everything about Rubylak. Resources, people, anything we have to work with and anything that might cause trouble for us.”

Don’t skip on the troubles either, we’re good at fixing those sorta things.

  • Yareko adopts a confused look momentarily. “Co… workers…?” She quickly hushes up as she realizes her mistake before nodding along to Shu Lin’s and Thaddeus’ words. “Understood, Mistress Shu Lin. Which, er… section would you prefer I take you on a tour of first?”

Shu Lin:
“The modern half would probably have better resources but more immediate troubles. The traditional half… probably more unrest, since they’re losing their children and legacy to the unstoppable crush of progress that Maeve’s orchestrating. I think it’d be better to get a handle on what we have to work with, before we settle in to look at the problems.”

Shu Lin:
“Lolat, Thaddeus, what do you think?”

  • Yareko looks nervously at Shu Lin, but then quickly looks at the other two as their names are mentioned.

I’d be inclined to the modern half. I’m kinda curious about all the stuff in there and the goings on. Nothin’ quite like that back home being honest with ya.

  • Yareko gives a tour of both halves of the city, starting with the advanced side at the group’s request. A variety of information is given to the Exalted trio by the Linowan mortal. Economical mostly, as she insists that the military is not her area of knowledge. After feeding their curiosity as much as she can and showing them the sights of the city both ‘modern’ and traditional, Yareko takes the three to the Rusted Palace and leaves them with a mountain of a man that she calls “Vharek”, one of Maeve’s Generals who oversees her battles and military. She bows one last time before leaving.
  • Vharek grunts as he looks over the three.

Comrades of her Rusted Majesty? Speak your concerns then and I will answer.

  • Thaddeus gives a simple warrior’s salute and a quick “how goes.” before diving straight in with about as much tact as would be expected. “I wish to know of the armament and armour of your raiders and of the raiders themselves, their strengths, how they attack and so on.”
  • Shu Lin remains quiet for now, letting Thaddeus take the lead.

[7:01:26 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: Joking aside, Thaddeus is more inclined for the criminal elements both problematic and useful (should it exist and Maeve hasn’t just headbutted them into submission.) Is there a good ‘work force’ for him to select from? How secure is this place? What about equipping people and keeping stuff maintained? Trade routes. Access toward enemy lands. Stabby bits.
[7:11:29 PM | Edited 7:12:48 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: Security- Rubylack is currently lacking in truly solid walls. More traditional log walls are set up around the well, traditional, part of the city while the modern portion has some construction that’s started, but is also certainly some time away before making a difference.

Crime- Yareko bites her tongue for a moment before carefully saying, “Everyone works for the glory of her Rusted Majesty.” Take that as you will.

Trade Rotues- At this, Yareko perks up and gives a lengthy history story of the Silver River and how it has made the Linowan Na State into what it is today. Before Maeve came and made things even better as well, of course. At any rate, the Silver River is the source of the vast majority of trade for the region and it has several branches that run through the northern half of Linowa. Thanks to the captured fertile farmland down south, they’ve also been able to produce a wider variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as raise cattle and pigs for slaughter to feed their warriors prime meat.

Equipment- This is something that Yareko is drawing a blank on. But she can introduce you to someone who’d be more in the know on the matter.

Enemy Lands- Everything to the west of Linowa is an enemy. The Tear Eaters, the Icewall. The west is filled with nothing but foes for the Linowans to clash against and their warriors to take pride in combatting. She also mentions Halta, but… that’s complicated. She explains that Maeve has taken measures to ease hostilities between the two northern nations and in a candid moment, she also confesses that she thinks Maeve intends to conquer Halta as well. And Yareko doesn’t seem to be against it.
[7:14:23 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: The equipment guy seems to be a good lead to follow up on. Mortal equipment is going to be a prime concern.
[7:15:05 PM] Avara: prominent businesses—the industries and fields that’re thriving the most.
[7:20:30 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: Agriculture- She mentions again the southern farms and livestock, but also goes on about a variety of stuff that grows in Linowa (something I’ll have to figure out with Gensh) and rare herbs that make for good medicines and teas.

Industry- Yareko casts her gaze over towards the ‘modernized’ portion of Rubylack and says that it more or less speaks for itself. Maeve’s focus has most recently been on finishing up construction on that side of the city and beginning to add defensive walls. She also indicates the ship bases on the Silver Rivers’ sides and explain that Maeve has also been implementing plans for their longships to be supplemented by what Yareko calls ‘ironclads’. Being prompted on it gives you a hesitant shrug and says that her areas of concern are domestic, not military. She does look to Thad though and say that weapon and armor production are also a big concern for their smiths right now.
[7:21:38 PM] Avara: the modern-ness of the city doesn’t actually say anything about the businesses that thrive. restaurants, store types, particular weapon types or armorers over others, etc. it just says that what does thrive is high-tech.
[7:21:49 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: Point to add on.
[7:22:27 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: I want everyone to understand at that last comment that Thaddeus is giving Yareko a look somewhere between “bedroom eyes” and “kid in a candy store”.
[7:22:44 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: And she is appropriately sweating nervously.
[7:23:01 PM] Avara: anything from lolat?
[7:24:23 PM] Avara: any traditions people here follow that’re notable? social faux pas that might be stumbled upon? local gods that’re cooperating or antagonizing linowa?
[7:24:53 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: At any rate, she also clarifies for Shu Lin that any kind of meat is considered a great delicacy by most of the inhabitants due to its previous scarcity in their own lands. Armorers and weaponsmiths are heavily employed by the State and receive generous payments for their work which often goes into more imported raw materials for Maeve’s needs.
[7:31:59 PM] Gensh: anything from lolat?Lolat is just sitting there and absorbing everything. It’s not like the South, where peoples lives are very heavily dependent upon their cattle. She won’t win them over just by being a bull deity. Likewise, raiding is more of a factor than full-scale war. her ancestry does her little good. She’s just trying to work out how to appeal to the people as a spiritual figure without challenging Maeve’s worldly authority.
[7:32:36 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: [7:31 PM] Gensh:

<<< Likewise, raiding is more of a factor than full-scale war.[MUFFLED SMUG BANDIT NOISES]
[7:33:23 PM] Avara: bringing in more meat sounds like it’d help.
[7:34:10 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: Faith- Yareko goes very quiet. After a moment, she speaks in a measured tone about the previous God of Linowa, Golden-Eyed Jorst. She explains that he was responsible for their troubles with Halta and that Jorst would use a form of mind domination upon his own clergy, forcing them into following him and spreading his ‘faith’ against their will.

It was Maeve herself who discovered this and revealed it to the people of Linowa. None held any contempt against her when he was slain. After taking a deep breathe, she then goes on to explain that most have turned to a form of ancestor worship, though many are also astray. Some pray to Maeve, some to the… Scarlet Empress, and it’s basically very scattershot right now. She doesn’t talk about her own faith and even as nervous as she was about your presences, she’s adamant.

Traditions- All Linowans bear a Mask in some form. War Masks, Ceremonial Masks, etc. and so forth. She explains that the Mask she bears is for when she’s at court and that even her Rusted Majesty has a Mask she wears for official business. She also meantions how the navy of Linowa is considered the highest of honors for warriors and river merchantry one of the highest callings for the peasentry. Linowan life and culture is based around the Silver River and (as you can tell by now) it’s very important to the natives.
[7:35:42 PM] Gensh: Fixed some bugs with the religion chart and will continue updating stats here:
[7:37:07 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: Where are they getting most of their raw materials from? Anywhere they are cut from taking from by enemies? What do others have around here that they do not?
[7:37:34 PM] Avara: on the note of raw materials
[7:38:04 PM] Avara: trading for materials was mentioned. and meat is a delicacy, so probably imported as well. who are the trade partners, and are there any with a higher alliance than trade partner?
[7:39:25 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: Meat is mostly themselves now. But it does take time to bring it up from their southern farms.
[7:39:31 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: Anyways
[7:43:50 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: Metals- Imported primarily. Very rarely is a vein struck in the deeper parts of Linowa and usually it doesn’t last long. Yareko can’t be too certain of it, but she suspects that both parts are something to do with the Fae that once dominated the upper portion of the State and a decent bit of northern Halta.

Food- Primarily grown themselves and also imported. This time mostly from various ‘allied’ parts of the Hundred Kingdoms. She briefly holds her head as if irritated before she sighs and moves on to the next part.

Trade Partners/Alliances/Etc.- She explains that Linowa primarily trades with the Hundred Kingdoms, parts of the Scavenger Lands, recently Halta, and also Sijan. When it comes to the former, she also sighs and starts to explain that the Hundred “Kingdoms” are so scattered and constantly changing that she can’t even begin to give the ‘Kingdoms’ they’re technically allied with names because they change what feels like daily. It’s… very stressful, she finishes.
[7:44:32 PM] Avara: all info on relations with sijan
[7:45:48 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: -Sijan: Neutral. Friendly negotiations have been kept with the City of Tombs. She honors their ways and even allows their ships to go completely untouched by her raiders. Such an action is punishable by a brutal death.
[7:46:13 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: Yareko would put it in a more eloquent way, but basically Maeve honors their ways and leaves it be.
[7:47:55 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: She’d then have to put it in simple terms for the thick ginger one.

What about the raiders? MO? Armament? Size?
[7:48:24 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: She apologizes and states again that such things are not her area of concern, but can introduce him to the one responsible.
[7:48:42 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: If you all want, I can do a summation now for her tour and have her hand you off to him
[7:49:05 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: I’m very down for that, how about you Av?
[7:49:30 PM] Avara: sure
[8:07:28 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: Raiders- They fight like… well, raiders. Savage and fast moving skirmishes is the name of their game. Their normal outfit is leathers and iron axes or occaisonally a spear or sword and they’re also trained with using bows as well. The only real exception is that Raider Captains will also usually wear something like the Iron Armor out of Skyrim. Metal breastplate, leggings, and a horned helm.

Their usual MO is ambush. Whether hiding in the woods, having a small group distract a caravan at a crossroads while the rest lay in wait, or even falsely posing a caravan themselves, their job is to get in, wreck shit, and get out quick as they can. Looting optional, but normally a yes.
[8:08:54 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: tl;dr
kill, maim, burn
[8:08:59 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: Oh good, just like the old band then, except they had primary focus on looting.
[8:10:16 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: What about the materials for weapons and such? Is there a way they could supplement what they have with raiding certain targets?
[8:11:49 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: Yes. The raiders bring in quite a bit of loot. Normally being stuff like food, weapons, armor, etc. Mostly it comes from their southern excursions. On the west, they’ve been raiding the Tear Eaters, but there’s not exactly much to gain out of it.
[8:13:38 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: The Tear Eaters are basically stuff like the Linowans would already have. Leathers, meat (and it’s some strange meat they get sometimes (hint hint)), and weaponry that’s usually stone.
[8:13:55 PM | Edited 8:14:02 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: Like even more than the rest of the North, the Tear Eaters are savages
[8:14:33 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: Hmph, seems like a place better off put to the torch than raided. Noted.
[8:14:56 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: South is the fatter cow of what we have. What about maps and intelligence? (I’m wording this much better than Thaddy.)
[8:17:32 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: He can provide you with maps, but also says that the Hundred Kingdoms are a pain in the ass to make one for thanks to shifting around damn near daily. As far as intelligence goes, he can also round up reports for you and provides a quick summation that everything is stable and the Hundred Kingdoms are the Hundred Kingdoms. Chaotic and wild.
[8:18:02 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: Bountiful too.
[8:19:06 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: brb
[8:19:10 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: Yeah the reports would be really good. What about the Iron Clads we heard about, what’s the game plan there?
[8:33:04 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: Back
[8:36:17 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: Vharek ’hm’s thoughtly, stroking the beard upon his chin with a meaty hand. After a moment, he shakes his head. He says it’s not something he’s in favor of, but he obeys Maeve’s commands nonetheless. The linowan states that her ‘ironclad’ concept is to build metallic ships that could float upon the waves similar to some of Realm’s ships out in the Western Sea. He says that the construction is a long one and that it’s proving hard to make a working boat.
[8:38:11 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: And the benefits for them? Total immunity from whatever is on the current water ways and such?
[8:39:45 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: He nods.
[8:40:50 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: An open warfare piece unless we can find a way to pull whatever we want from the water.
[8:41:25 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: Seems a poor idea to build a big heavy ship designed around being unbreakable to use in raiding when it’s advantages serve less purpose.
[8:41:45 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: And you hit his thoughts on the head.
[8:42:06 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: The Linowan are more familiar to the skirmishing style of warfare in general
[8:42:11 PM] Avara: useful for coast battles though, if you can swing it.
[8:42:41 PM] Avara: blast an enemy fortress’s wall down while their countershot bounces off, then sail out while land forces deal with the rest
[8:43:49 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: These are a people Thaddeus understands. There is a way to make it palatable to Vharek.
[8:43:54 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: And useful.
[8:44:09 PM] Avara: go ahead
[8:45:06 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: Blockade on the waterway is good start. That thing can outright deny a lesser ship passing which means they can pepper the thing with light fire for culling the crew and then take the ship wholesale.
[8:45:22 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: Your other choice requires a bit of advanced prep and knowledge.
[8:46:38 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: If you know a shipment is just something that can take being submerged you can blow it to bits and use it’s power to trawl kinda like a net being dragged for fish if you took whatever you were chasing in the shallows.
[8:46:51 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: And I take it you say all this to him?
[8:46:56 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: Yes.
[8:47:03 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: In more… simple terms from a simple man.
[8:47:04 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: Vharek is mildly impressed with Thad.
[8:48:15 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: He understood what Maeve wanted in terms of area denial with it, but he also believed a simple blockade would suffice. Now that you put it in terms of the latter part, he gets what its use outside of invasion could be.
[8:48:54 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: He’s still iffy on the thing, but more or less sold really.
[8:52:25 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: Thad gets where he’s coming from but it’s what they’re locked in doing so you have to make things work in favour. The trawl strategy benefits well for getting metals (non-rusting ones anyway) so It could if leveraged really help outfit his raiders better which in turn allows the blockade and culls to be more effective so he can produce the requested Iron-clads at a lesser cost to his preferred outfitting. If he wants, Thad is happy to lend himself to any big raids where they need a bit of extra ‘oomph’.
[8:53:23 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: Yep, Vharek’s definitely taken a liking to him.
[8:53:26 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: Anything from Shu Lin?
[8:55:11 PM] Avara: naval warfare isn’t her thing, but she’d like to see their combat teachings
[8:55:40 PM] Avara: she’s not a war leader, she’s a warrior, and she wants to make sure the raiders have no equal when they close in
[8:56:08 PM] Avara: light armor and relatively standard weapons are both things she can work with
[8:58:01 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: Alright. So a bit of an off-screen thing really. But Vharek says he can have someone fetch her to watch combat training and also says that she’d probably like to see how the foreign mercenaries fight as well. At prompting, Vharek says that they’re warriors Maeve brought in to form a proper ‘main army’ and to train Linowan Warriors into properly taking it over and running it themselves. Right now it’s still mostly mercenary though.
[9:00:09 PM | Edited 9:00:15 PM] Avara: Shu Lin’s learned from monks, life experience, and greater even before she exalted—and after exalting, she learned from the ultimate school of combat. so she’s going to be investing time and effort into making sure they’re good at what they do. being stealth types that close in for a slaughter, the focus would be on quick attacks and evasion to make the best of their light armor, and ambush tactics. not just waiting in the shadows to strike with bait, but even stuff for the ‘bait’ to be an effective ambush, such as quick-draw strikes with smaller blades and such.
[9:00:42 PM] Avara: she’d also include lessons for more open warfare, but the focus of raiders is raiding.
[9:01:18 PM] Avara: there’d also be some enhancement to stealth lessons if needed, since shu lin doesn’t make any noise walking unless she chooses to, never loses balance, etc
[9:01:32 PM] Avara: so basically, she works out a training regimen with vharek
[9:02:12 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: Mmkay.
[9:02:18 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: Quick note I forgot.
[9:02:24 PM] Avara: not really sure what else I can contribute on this part
[9:03:14 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: Thad mentions that he has something to help with the Tear Eaters provided they’re willing to skip on looting them for the most part. A small addition to their loadout and a good trainer (besides him.)
[9:04:31 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: You contributed plenty really.

Also a bit of a side note, but Vharek is now quickly recalling what the last ‘comrades’ of the Rust Queen were like and he’s starting to realize that he’s perhaps a bit in over his own head right now. If the two of you are anything like the old ones, his warriors are in for a big gain.
[9:05:02 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: And Vharek nods at Thad to go on once more.
[9:05:13 PM] Avara: and on that note, a request for information on those former comrades once Thaddeus is done
[9:08:19 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: Well the problem with the Tear Eaters is, they don’t offer much and they’re just in the way and they cause work and wounded. What you want is at the end of the day to be just be able to go and get rid of them and not need their meagre spoils. Explosives are perfect for that job and destructive enough to cut into their held lands AND are even faster in terms of raiding with certain uses or a completely hands off experience. We know a very good explosives expert and a great teacher even by our standards.
[9:09:27 PM] Avara: Plus the strange meat they have stocked is probably people. No need to loot that unless cannibalism is favored by linowan culture.
[9:11:40 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: Vharek just looks at Shu Lin for a moment before shaking his head. With Thad though, he’s intrigued. He knows a good fire pot can go a long way. If these ‘explosives’ can quickly clear out an infestation of the Tear Eaters, it may be worth looking into.
[9:13:21 PM] Avara: shu lin shrugs at the head-shaking. she’s more interested in listening to Thaddeus’s expertise on the subject of raiding anyway.
[9:17:37 PM | Edited 9:18:27 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: A single fire-pot can raze a small building if left to burn. A small explosive does the same instantly as well as taking out the nearest wall or building. He could give his warriors a single one each, sneak in under the cover of darkness, place them and set them off and level an entire Tear Eater holding, rendering it worthless except for raw materials. A single planted one could blow a caravan once trod on, with no work beyond planting it which can be safe as planting a crop.
[9:24:33 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: Sorry, had to do something. Anyways
[9:24:52 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: Yeah, you sold him. Vharek is (mostly) stuck in his ways, but you’re hitting exactly where you need to on this stuff.
[9:26:12 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: That’s me out of items to cover. Av, you got anything?
[9:26:26 PM] Avara: hearing about those former comrades
[9:29:36 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: Comrade 1- While Vharek doesn’t quite use the word ‘sorcery’, you basically get that’s what he talks about in regard to this one. He describes one of the sorceror’s great feats as moving the entire city of Rubylack from its former spot to the current.

Comrade 2- Vharek basically describes this one as an assassin of sorts with a silver tongue.

Essentially, Maeve’s old Coven was Warrior/Mage/Rogue
[9:30:12 PM] Xiombarg’s Leedah: Vharek doesn’t know anything personal on either, just what they were capable of.
[9:31:47 PM] Avara: alright. a little dry, but maybe details will happen in the future.
[9:32:11 PM] Avara: I don’t have anything else right now. and shu lin would like somewhere to play music for a while if there’s no other business to attend to or contacts to meet.
[9:33:35 PM] Dr. Bane Gains PHD Gainology – University of Swole: Just wish Vharek well, mention getting to work on the trainer and to bell if he needs help Thad could provide.



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