Final Exam Scores

Walpurgis always ended much the way it began, with pomp and ceremony and speeches condemning the treacherous gods of Creation. There was, however, one additional component. While the demons would continue to revel, the asura circles would be called one by one to speak with the Holy Queen-Mother in private. There, as the representative of all the Yozis and their contradictory objectives, she would assign them their primary tasks for the year to come. Gone were the days of the titans speaking directly to their Chosen and commanding them work against each other. Now, the novelty had gone, and they wished only for their stolen Exalted to fulfill their dark purpose.

The four had been summoned at last, the three newblood and the wayward spy. The Queen-Mother waited silently upon her throne of broken gods, no sign of emotion on her face. Today, she wore the full trappings of the twenty-two-and-one titans in formal capacity. Emerald Noon did not glint harshly on her porcelain skin through the window, and indeed, something about her throne room made it seem dimmer than the rest of the Conventicle.
“Thank you all for coming,” she said pleasantly, as if they had a choice. “If you will pardon the invasion, I will briefly comment on the behaviors you have shown these five days and what will be expected of you in the days to come. Mina, the scroll, if you would.”

The Queen-Mother’s young bodyguard appeared as if shrugging off a camouflaged coat, her skin and gown shifting colors as a cuttlefish. She opened one of many scroll cases hanging from her gown and presented the parchment to the Queen. Lillun cleared her throat, then began reading.

“Mnemon Atrax. You promptly took action in the case of the intrusion during the Althing Infernal. You have been a pillar of support for your fellows. You have striven to establish good relations with your seniors. I believe you have the makings of leadership in you.

As such, you will be given your first year. You are free to make your own plans, to succeed or fail by your own merit. At the end of this year, you will be evaluated on your contributions to the purpose of liberating Creation and given appropriate reward or punishment. However, you will be required to provide support to Lacuna’s mission as she dictates. Any time lost to such demands will be factored into your next evaluation.

Versil Cortez Antona the Second. You have shown hotheadedness, instability, and a penchant for making enemies. While some Yozis may appreciate this, we have long since passed the stage where such behavior is acceptable from an asura. What good could you accomplish in Creation that we could not achieve with a mass summoning of blood apes? You will be attached to Atrax’s retinue like a common demon.

If you do not show improvement over the following year, more strict disciplinary actions will be forthcoming. Do not forget that every moment you are less clever than a demon of the second circle, you are wasting the time of not only your peers but of your infinite betters. We do not kill failures any longer, but you will certainly find a swift death at the hands of our foes – or else the fight for your life will reforge you into a tool more fit for Yozi hands.

Yasha. You have shown a protective instinct, starting with the intruder. Yet you are not passive as so often defenders are – you rush to be first into the fray. Though there is much of Creation and of Malfeas that you do not understand, you have made strides to learn and to work alongside those who do know. Above all else, you have shown a special regard for order which understands that it need not be intractably rigid.

Others may be the great conquerors who will reclaim Creation in the Yozis’ name, but it is those like you who will govern it when they return to heaven. You have already made arrangements with the Nebata Family, and I will honor those. The Yozis look fondly on those who understand that they are weak and require the guidance of those above them. Your assignments will be given you by the Duchess Nebata or by those with whom she has special agreements. Your next evaluation will not be judged by your immediate contributions to the grand cause of the Yozis but to your contributions to the Nebatas’ long-term plans.

Lacuna da Notte. You have fulfilled the dictates of your mission in spirit, if not remotely close to the letter. The Yozis are, as ever, begrudgingly pleased. As mentioned, you will the Yozis’ own authority in the command of Atrax and by extension, Versil. Do not abuse this privilege.

With these matters concluded, I would speak with each of you in private.”



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