Social Class in Malfeas

Classifications under the Law

Stranger – You do not belong in hell. The law neither protects nor hinders you.
Serf – You are a first circle demon or the child of a first circle demon. The law mainly hurts you. Sometimes with holy swords of blue flame.
Citizen – You are a heroic first circle demon who filled out the paperwork, a second circle demon, or the child of either. The law is fair to you. You may hold land.
Untouchable – You are a third circle demon or the child of such (though the latter barely hold this status). The law does not exist for you unless a priest of Cecelyne demands it on the behalf of the offended party. You probably ARE land.

Ranks of Nobility

Peer – You are a hellknight, a prince of the demon realm. You hold the rights to a small territory, though you need not exercise them.
Baron – You hold a significant territory and servants or else can generate the same economic force on your own (which may just mean economic damage due to being the Hulk).
Count – You are a significant player in hell’s politics (or the real ones have to work around you). Demons only risk pissing you off as much as they would an important second circle demon.
Marquess – You are powerful enough to hold territory in Creation as a publically-revealed Infernal. Even demons of the third circle pause before moving against you, lest they interfere with a Yozi’s plans.
Duke – You are vitally important to the Yozis’ schemes, the equal of any common third circle demon. With this level of power, the Yozis fear your betrayal as much as they depend upon you. Often, dukes are bound up in petty conflicts with powerful demons of the third circle, especially fetiches.
King – Malfeas holds you in esteem equal to his own souls or the other Yozis. Typically limited to the master of the Empyreal Cult, though the Queen-Mother holds an honorary version of this rank. Demons and Yozis hate you and everything you stand for, and other Infernals envy you above all others.

Social Class in Malfeas

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