Favor Trading among the Infernals

Though many are loath to admit weakness, the fact of the matter is that it would be worse to fail at a task simply because one refused to ask for help. As a result, there’s a rich culture of trading favors among the asura, and new Exalts come to pick up on an implicit list of who to go to for help.

Senior Asura

Kyrie Eleison – The Empyreal Queen is an inspiring example of the power the Primordials once wielded, but as a result, she rarely deigns to assist those outside the Empyreal Cult.

Gabrien Murmur – The Hierophant of the Yozis has a surprisingly wide breadth of matters he can assist in, though he tends to be choosy about who he helps. Only a third circle soul of Cecelyne can contest his legal rulings, he is familiar with Autochthonian technology, and he has a mole among the Sidereals.

Nebata Higarda – The Laughing Godmother is the paramount force behind the scenes in Chiaroscuro and has connections spanning the world, with moles in nearly every major political installation. Perhaps of greater concern is that the Green Sun turns a blind eye to much of her scheming in Malfeas.

Tigershark – The Crucible of Limitless Flesh is surprisingly intelligent and a master of bio-engineering, his realm populated entirely by creatures of his own making. He is also in constant contact with his Lunar Mate, the legendary sorceress Raksi, which gives him considerable sway in the Silver Pact.

Cearr – As a first generation Infernal, the Slumbering Giant has much more political weight than his lack of territory would imply. He’s particularly prone to fighting for lost causes. While he doesn’t mind wars of conquest, he’s perhaps too mindful of what is being destroyed.

Kris Klaus – The Lord of Gifts is among the oldest Infernals to have Exalted. As a result, he has a wide range of experience living in Creation as a mere mortal. He is among the most altruistic of Infernals and capable of granting nearly any desire, but he holds reigns on those who accept his gifts, which force them to obey his own moral code.

Experienced Asura

Mina Khagan – The Family to Famine is not particularly adept at politics and largely follows her father Tigershark. However, as the Queen-Mother’s bodyguard, she has her ear more than any other in Malfeas.

Black – The Explosive Maestro often does not have much to give but his own presence. In that, however, one gains access to a powerful motivator and teacher of mortals – as well as a demolitions expert.

Fabula Grimmsby – The Swansong Singsong is a powerful political player in hell, but he is all-too-often distracted by his own indulgences. If one doesn’t mind an unreliable or even duplicitous ally, however, he is a master of anything and everything that could be considered an art.

Dantan Huli – The Wellspring of Corruption is a more local menace to the people of Creation. With his existing underworld contacts and the terror of the Lintha Family, he has taken almost complete control of drug markets in the Southwest, including rare native medical supplies.

Lolat – The Mad Cow of the South, despite her relative youth, holds one of the most powerful personal cults among asura. Much of this stems from her divine nature as the daughter of Ahlat, and as much as she hates it, she has many of the same strengths as her father.

Ricard de la Nocca – The Silent Eye is by far the most effective information gatherer in the Demon City. Utterly shameless and perfectly loyal to his clients he is the single greatest political weapon in hell, assuming you remembered to specify he couldn’t use information gathered about you in his contract.

Dragon’s Doll – The Dragon’s Doll is the vessel of the Ebon Dragon’s will. If you have his favor, she will aid you without cost. Pray that you do not have his enmity.

Gunta Taldottr – The Empyreal Chaplain straddles the divide between regal and spiritual authority in hell. While she does not have overmuch authority of her own, she is the primary arbiter of conflicts between Malfeas’ and Cecelyne’s orders, in particular, between Queen Elysium and Vicar Murmur.

Young Asura

Cynis Nana – Nana has no interest in making allies.

Voljian Hidari – The Loyal Legionnaire is mortified by her bondage to the rule of hell. She had made her pact assuming her soul would be claimed soon after she took her vengeance. So trapped, she openly works against the Yozis’ plans, in defense of Creation and her home of Lookshy.

Tepet Wuyan Lyanna – The Daughter of the Phoenix is as yet young and inexperienced. As the daughter of a prominent akuma and close associate of several asura, however, she may prove invaluable in the years to come.


Serupe Jashin – CLASSIFIED

Siclian Iris – As with all Sidereal akuma, not much is known about the Eternal Restorer. However, she is master of the Children of the Withered Lily and so can offer entrance to that Cult.

Xaruo – Last of the Solar God-Kings, secret weapon of the Demon Emperor, and Consort of the Silent Wind, Xaruo is above such petty dealings. He does, however, enjoy toying with his lessers and may even appear to offer aid. Accepting or refusing such aid are equally likely to end in disaster.

Luther von Straud – The Fangs of the Wolf Queen started life as Duchess Nebata’s butler, and that is likely how he will die. The main benefit of seeking him out is that he provides a more even-handed approach to the Nebata Family agenda.

Tepet Wuyan Fumia – The Black Phoenix that Grasps the Sun is by far the most powerful of the new generation of Solar akuma. Originally a Deathknight who freed herself from the Neverborn by her strength of will, she knows much of the Underworld and is more than willing to strike against it.

Lintha Ng Dukantha – One of the last and greatest by far of the old Dragonblooded akuma, Kimbery’s Consort is the master of the Lintha Family and yet still among the most experienced seamen among the Infernals.


Nebata Hamon – The adopted son of Duchess Nebata has a bizarre (and mostly nonsensical) history and skills far beyond what a mere mortal should possess. Those who can gain access to the Nebata inner circle find access to all manner of unique artifacts.

Favor Trading among the Infernals

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